How to Successfully Outsource Business Tasks to Boost Your Growth

Achieving growth in your business is not just about your own capabilities but also about the strength of your team. However, not everyone can afford to hire an in-house team to handle all the tasks involved in running a growing business. If this resonates with you, it may be time to consider outsourcing some of your business tasks. Outsourcing not only makes financial sense but also allows you to maintain organisational agility, improve the quality of your output, and free up your valuable time. Let’s explore why, how, and when to outsource.

When is the Right Time to Outsource?

The sooner, the better if you can afford it. When you start your business, there’s a lot to do and very little time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by these tasks and neglect the activities that truly propel your business forward. To avoid wasting time on these tasks, consider outsourcing them to a team of freelancers.

If you feel overwhelmed and stuck in a rut, it’s definitely time to start outsourcing. Otherwise, you’re hindering your own growth. As a business owner, there are certain tasks you excel at, so stop wasting time on aspects that others can easily handle.

Why Outsource?

As a business owner, your time is extremely valuable, and you need to invest it in tasks that drive your enterprise forward. Additionally, you deserve to have free time. You didn’t start your own business to work every waking hour. In fact, having more free time can benefit your business. Stress and anxiety hinder your ability to generate amazing ideas or produce your best work.

When you try to do everything yourself, you become a jack of all trades and master of none. Outsourcing tasks to professionals ensures higher quality work with fewer mistakes, leading to happier clients and a better reputation.

Deciding Which Activities to Outsource

The specific tasks you should outsource depend on your unique business. For example, copywriters often outsource their accounting, and vice versa. To decide what to outsource, ask yourself, “If I could only do three things today, what would they be?”

Furthermore, if you find yourself dreading a particular task, it’s time to consider outsourcing. You’ll always work harder on tasks you enjoy, resulting in higher quality output. So, stop punishing yourself.

Start by listing all the tasks that need completion and ask yourself, “Does this directly impact the growth or success of my business?” If the answer is no, it’s probably not worth your time, and you can outsource it instead. Prioritize the list according to relevance, and begin by outsourcing the low-priority tasks.

Commonly outsourced tasks include:

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Legal services
  • Web design
  • Social media management
  • Public relations
  • Graphic design
  • Administrative tasks and inbox management

Finding Reliable Freelancers and Contractors

A reliable way to find good freelancers or contractors is by asking for recommendations from business peers. It’s also beneficial to work with contractors who have industry knowledge and experience. Platforms like LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook are great places to find freelancers.

Shop around and get an idea of the expected rates to establish a benchmark. While you don’t want to be overcharged, be cautious of freelancers who charge the bare minimum, as they may deliver subpar work in return.


If you’re struggling to keep up with the demands of your growing business, it’s time to consider outsourcing some tasks. Outsourcing not only frees up time for growth-related activities but also ensures important tasks are completed on time and to a high standard.

Start by prioritising urgent tasks, but don’t neglect other important but non-urgent tasks like bookkeeping or marketing materials. Many business owners fear outsourcing because they think it means giving up control, but in reality, outsourcing gives you more control over your business, time, and money than ever before.

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