Year End Accounts

You don’t want to get caught out without your year-end accounts. A set of year-end accounts forms the basis of your Self Assessment tax return, while if you’re a limited company it’s a legal requirement that you’ll need for your corporation tax return.
If you don’t have your year-end accounts ready on time, you risk filing your tax return late and incurring a penalty.

Year-end accounts are also an important barometer of your business. They can help you understand what your business is doing right, and discover any areas where there is room for improvement. You can use the information from your year-ends accounts to help you plan your business strategy for the year ahead.

Save yourself the time of rooting through paperwork and leave your year-end accounts to me. We’ll prepare them from your bookkeeping entries – which you can do yourself or we can do for you – and have them back with you in good time to file your tax return

If you’d like help with your year-end accounts, please get in touch on 01234 607420 or email us.

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Caroline James, Shrewsbury
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